Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More on INVITEing phones to ring

This is a follow up on a previous post.

Apart from using a softphone, you can make use of svmap.py (part of SIPVicious tool suite) to reproduce the behavior:
./svmap.py -m INVITE -p5061
Where is the IP of the SIP phone and 5061 is the SIP port of the phone. For a ghost call effect, if you have a network with all SIP phones listening on port 5060, you can just run the following to get them to ring at the same time:
./svmap.py -m INVITE

Updated list of softphones tested and exhibiting this behavior:
  • WengoPhone **
  • X-lite release 1011b
  • SJPhone 1.65.377a
  • Ekiga 2.0.11 (beta)
  • Yate
  • SIP Communicator
Some VoIP phones (hardware) were also tested and exhibit this behavior as well:
  • GrandStream GXP 2000
  • Grandstream BT100
  • Aastra 480i
  • Aastra 9133i
  • Polycom IP330
  • Cisco CP7940G*
  • Lancom VP 100*
  • Linksys SPA 921*
* Requires a valid extension
** Requires valid extension or no extension

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